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This is Vida e caffè – life and coffee.

Vida e caffe brand story – ‘vida e caffè’ is Portuguese for ‘life and coffee’ – and that’s just what we are about: making life better, one authentic espresso-based caffe at a time. The smiling baristas who operate the machines compliment the tasteful atmosphere and the coffee is simply breath-taking. The air is filled with great cheer and the aroma of freshly brewed goodness. The Vida e Caffè espresso bar aims to deliver the highest quality coffee and pastries, prepared to European standards. The menu is based on the fare typical of a street café in Lisbon, a slice of Europe on African streets.

Vida will always stay true to its original coffee & pastry menu with favourites like the iconic Pasteis de Nata, Quattro Muffin and Solo Meia. But as we grow, new & exciting products are being added to our menu, allowing customers to linger longer and enjoy a variety of sit down breakfast & lunch offerings.