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Simbisa means “to strengthen” and to “to empower” It is a Shona word that embodies a rally for strength and power to an object.The name represents what the business and its people stand for; the endeavour to create and sustain a strong and empowered brand that is recognised across all regions..

Geographical presence.

Simbisa currently operates 432 QSR restaurants in 11 countries across Africa with future ambitions of further expansion across the region.

Owned and Operated Markets

  • Zimbabwe (193)
  • Kenya (122)
  • Zambia (37)
  • Ghana (20)
  • Mauritius (17)
  • DRC (10)
  Expansion into the Region is critical to spread the risks over different markets and to achieve our goal of spreading our footprint into Africa as a diversified Pan-African operation.

Our Brands.

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